Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is time for a good house cleaning in Washington!

It really doesn't matter if they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, either way Washington politicians have been running our government like it was their own personal business without regard to those who put them into office. It appears to me that an attitude has developed among our elected officials that they are smarter than we are and know better than we do what is good for us. After all we are the "Masses" and everyone knows the "Masses" are not smart enough to make decisions for themselves. The problem with this attitude is that while a mob may be ignorant of the total truth and driven by questionable motives, today in this time of constant connections to millions of information sources, most individuals on the other hand, are fairly intelligent, knowledgeable about the issues, and have goals that are constructive and reasonable.

Even with all the political spin the big media sources put on things, whether conservative or liberal, we have all been watching what has been going on in Washington these days and can see the truth for ourselves. One party wants to control various aspects of our life, while another wants to place the interest of businesses above the interest of the people. Both sides are serving their own personal interests and motives. Every day we see them either refusing to act on important issues, or creating laws that benefit those funding their political career while ignoring the real needs of the people they represent. We the people are being ignored while politicians continue to help themselves and grow richer.

I believe it is time to clean house in Washington as well as on the state level too.  In my opinion it is time to get rid of the old guard that have set the current status quo. We can not take them at their word and trust them to do as they say because they have proven they are not really interested in serving the people by their actions. I feel the only way we can fix this problem is to start over with new people that do not owe any political favors. I truly believe we should vote out all of the old guard politicians and only retain those fresh faces that have a record of representing the people correctly. In turn we should vote in a new regime of representatives with the understanding that if they don't represent us correctly we will throw them out too. This may be the only way to save our country from reaching a depth so low that no one will be able to get us out of it!

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