Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Theory of Spirituality and A third Quantum State

The Theory of Spirituality and A third Quantum State
A quasi scientific over simplified approach to providing a rudimentary understanding of other plains or dimensions that may exist outside understood physical mass and may not be perceivable from an observable quantum state in a material universe.

Before continuing to read this presentation let me say that what I am presenting here is not a doctrine, or any other religious teaching. It is simply a postulation regarding spirituality and physics that are my thoughts and ideas and are meant to transcend religion and provoke thought. This presentation is not meant to detract from or add to any doctrines, principals, or tenant of faith for any of the myriads of religions that exist in our world today. Religion is a personal matter that is best left to each individual to decide for themselves.  Whether God exists or not has been debated to the extreme throughout history, and each person will have to determine where they stand regarding the existence of God on their own. I only present a theory on the probability of a plain or dimension where the possibility of beings that transcend time and space as well as matter might be viable. How the reader interprets this idea in regards to spirituality and God is up to them.

What is the spiritual plain and does it exist?
Being corporal beings that exist in a physical universe that produces a timeline, we are limited to the perceptions we can obtain from measurable sources that exists within our material space and time.  It is nearly impossible for us to conceive of a dimension where energy or conscientiousness can exist without the need of being tired to mass. Such a dimension would free any existence from time and space and allow all “things” to exist together at once where the past, present, and future could all occur at the same time. 

And yet this type of dimensional opportunity is exactly one of the postulates that Quantum Physics presents when you look at the explanations it provides for the action of atomic and sub-atomic particles. Inside physics theory we find the principal of “Quantum Entanglement”, which says that two “items” can communicate at great distances faster than the speed of light.

A basic explanation of this principal would be if one particle is revolving in a certain direction then its “entangled twin” particle will revolve in the opposite direction. When one particle in the “pair” changes rotation, the other does the same instantly. Never minds why this happens, it is rather mathematically involved and kind of hard to explain with examples, ask Einstein. Trust me, they just do this, I looked it up and actual reproducible scientific experiments prove it, not only with small sub-atomic particles, but also using “tiny” real diamonds

 But this idea presents a real problem for relativity. Einstein considered this a dilemma and a serious problem when it came to matching “classical physics” with “quantum physics”. He called it “Spooky” action at a distance, because it broke his law of relativity that says nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. But when you consider another quantum theory that postulates all possible outcomes exist at once, and only when you “observe” something, does that specific outcome become material, you find a possible answer to this dilemma. 

This quantum physics theory, called “the quantum uncertainty principal” and often referred to as the Schrodinger’s cat theory because of the example he provided to explain the idea, adds some possibilities to explain this. The example says that if you put a cat in a box with a vile of cyanide, when you open the box, the cat will have either broken the vile and thus be dead, or the cat will not have broken the vile and will be alive. But, until the outcome is actually observed, all possibilities of both the dead and alive cat state exist at the same time, and only when you “observe” the state, dead or alive, does it become a material reality for you and the cat. For all you animal lovers, I apologize for the cat, but I didn’t come up with the theory. If I had, it would have been me with a wrapped candy bar in the box, and depending on when you looked, I would have either eaten or not eaten the candy bar.

I would like to propose that there is a “third” state, that which would be “the cat is not there” because it is in between states and not materialized yet. It is in the “leap” state between the two material states. Of course it is actually impossible to “observe” this “leap” state because once “observed” the state changes to one of the possible outcomes. I believe this is why we cannot perceive this state, and that it may exist in a dimension where all things exist at once and are connected. This would explain how “paired entangled items” know the state of the other, because they are in the same place at the same time, which would only be possible if there was just energy or consciousness and no material mass involved. 

This idea presents an interesting concept. What if there are forms of conscious “energy” that reside in a dimension that exists in the “quantum jump state” that is between all quantum material states and is beyond space/time? We would never be able to perceive anything directly as long as were in a material state, and would only be able to see the results of any influence that could be passed between dimensional boundaries by this non-corporal existence. 

Many who believe in “spirituality” speak of a “universal library” or “God Conscious” that contains an accumulation of information and is the sum of all knowledge in the universe. Both Tesla and Einstein spoke of this and are said to have been able to access this “information” through concentrated thought visualization or spiritual meditation if you will. What if the concept we have of God does not come from legends and human writing we have read at all, but from deep inside a spiritual dimension that exists outside of our material perception, one that has been exerting inter dimensional influence over mankind since the beginning of life itself?  

Whether you agree with any of these ideas or not, you will have to agree that this is a though provoking concept and that quantum possibilities exist for inter dimensional "conversations" that may take place outside of our possible material perception. If God exist in another dimensions that we are not able to perceive in our material state that would explain a lot! But just like religion, in science it’s up to you to discover the possibilities and the reality of any scientific theory, so it’s in your hands to determine if you believe this dimension exists or not.

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's 2 AM and I am sitting outside,
listening to the sound of silence.
Not the Simon & Garfunkel kind,
not that dark solitary sadness type,
but the kind that is full of sound.

The chirping of the crickets,
the croaking of the frogs,
the rustling of the tree tops
swaying in the night time breeze,
the crack of a fallen tree branch
as one of nature's nocturnal creatures scampers across the woods floor.
It gives me peace, and allows my mind to wonder.

And when I reflect on the places I have been in life,
the grease and grime coated auto repair shop,
the hot and dusty construction site,
the tiny cubicle with no windows,
the stuffy airplane cabin at 30,000 feet,
the cold and unfriendly motel room on the 37th floor,
there is one certain solitary fact that remains constant.
That fact is that I live in a country where I am free 

to decide each day where I want to be
and I am thankful to those who have sacrificed to keep it that way.

It makes me realize that we all need to do more 

to help keep our country free for all to choose how they want to live
and we all need to speak out, stand up, and try to make a difference

and maybe we need to go to where we are most needed
but for now, I have decided that where I am right now
is right where I am suppose to be.