Saturday, January 14, 2012

Should a politician's faith be considered when voting?

In a recent news article it was revealed that a group of over 150 influential conservative evangelical christian leaders have decided to throw their support behind Rick Santorum for president, primarily because he has declared himself to be a evangelical Christian politician. It made me think about the part religion plays in the politics of our leaders these days when making decision that effect us all. I suppose it has always been on the mind of the American public, from the time questions were raised about John Kennedy being a Catholic and whether our country would be run by the Pope if he were elected. What concerns me is that just because a person claims to be an evangelical Christian, does it also mean they are a good leader or have good ideas that will benefit everyone? I am not sure that holding the label of evangelical Christian really qualifies you for public office unless your political record shows that you are doing a good job where you are now. I could say the same for almost any faith. If a person holds values that are a higher standard than others, then they are expected to have a higher moral life and set an example for others.

The problem is that no one is perfect. We have seen top evangelical leaders drop to great lows and commit wrong deeds that even most athiest people would refrain from. We have experienced the fall of many christian leaders and lay people simply because they are people and not gods. People make mistakes, that is a natural fact of human life. As a result we should never place a person on a certain level of acceptability just because they claim to be of one faith or another. Faith is a personal thing that each person has to deal with on their own. What "We the People" have to deal with are the decisions politicians make that affect us when we vote them into office. It is our responsibility to make sure we are voting for the people who will serve us the best and not just those who claim to be of one faith or another. Before you go to the polls this fall, do your homework. If a candidate has shown that they can be trusted and are doing their best to serve the people they represent then cast your vote for them. As it says: "By their works you shall know them".


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