Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why does Dave Dilley have a Blog?

Someone asked me the other day why I have a Blog I call "The Everyday American" when I look like a hippie and why I post links to it's articles on Facebook instead of just posting my comments directly on the Facebook news feed. First let me say that even though I look the way I do and hold some rather liberal points of view, I still consider myself to be an "Everyday American". I work every day, I pay taxes every day, I live everyday in American, so I believe I AM an "Everyday American". Second, many of the things I post on my Blog are rather involved and may be considered somewhat long for a Facebook wall post.

But the primary reason I have a blog that I post articles to Facebook from is because I want to make sure I am not filling up the news feed with long drawn out comments that maybe only 5 or 10 people are interested in. By putting my comments in a blog, and then posting a blog subject link on Facebook, people can choose whether they want to read my personal rantings or not and they can reply with a comment in the Blog if they want rather than on Facebook limiting the amount of comment traffic my friends need to sort through to find something that interests them. I believe it is a matter of politeness that I want to maintain ... and I don't want to have people saying: "When does he ever shut up? Now I have to sort through all of his crap to get to something I like". 

So the next time you see a link I posted to an article from "The Everyday American", it's just me making some comment on my Blog that I felt was either too long or too involved to gum up the entire Facebook news feed with.

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